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Though just so you're aware, those who know me refer to me as 'The Writing Sadist', as I have a love for writing emotion-provoking tragedies. I possess feelings towards many, many things. Things which even I don't understand, much less understand why I specifically like them. I am supporter of gay rights, and also happen to be a Christian, but I respect people of varying religions and beliefs. On a completely unrelated note though it very well could still be somehow related to that previous subject , I've become rather fond of 'Homestuck' and am presently trying to catch up with everyone else. In this fandom, not only is my chumhandle linguisticFledgling, but my patron troll is Nepeta, I identify as a Sylph of Heart, and I am a Derse dreamer in the Land of Cathedrals and War. I also have a Tumblr under my same fanfiction.
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Accoriding to ANN, there's a Ouran Dating sim for PS2 in delvelpment. Here are some screens from the site ___Ouran High School Host Club. Apparently there is to be an Ouran High School Host Club dating sim for the Playstation 2 in the works. There isn't much in the summary about the plot, except explaining the premise of Ouran High School Host Club. #anime #Ouran High School Host Club #video games.
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The insufferable hosts you start with is 500.

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